The Roots of Jazz

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong was born to a prostitute, nurtured by Jews and sent to a Boy's Home after being arrested for shooting a gun on July 4th. While many believe jazz was born in the bordellos of Storyville, it has deeper roots connected with Vodou and the town's first enslaved Africans. No other corporate event, special events planner or destination management company can rival our in-house cultural and historical research team. 

Our Vanishing wetlands

Our team provides the most extensive environmental analysis of the swamps and bayous of Louisiana of any other special events or DMC in New Orleans. The culture of the Cajun people who have lived in impacted areas is under tremendous stress as their traditional "lands" are eroding at an alarming rate. 

Vodou as a religion

Forget "Ghost Tours." While there are plenty of "stories" out there, New Orleans true mystique lies with the Afro-Catholic traditions that still inspire people to visit the tomb of Marie Laveau. We've studied the subject. We've sought the clues. We've collected relics and stories that are sure to surprise and delight you. 

MARIGNY & the Bywater

As New Orleans premiere DMC and most creative tour planner, we know the city's rich history: stories form the past inform the present. Noble, Bernard de Marigny, barely a teen, inherited the largest fortune in New Orleans. Ungovernable, he was sent to Versailles, where he learned to play craps. He returned to New Orleans, where he feted the future French king. They ate on gold plates and tossed them into the Mississippi River. Today is former plantation holds two of the hippest neighborhoods in town, often overlooked by tourists. We'll take you there. 

slavery on plantations

We have challenged the status-quo of the tour industry in New Orleans. Our guides don't gloss over important parts of New Orleans' diverse history; we understand the the "Old South" wasn't glorious for enslaved Africans. On the way to plantations, we talk frankly about 'the evil institution' and its impact on New Orleans.


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Experience +Rebellion

We're innovators. We have been from the start. As the nation's first destination management consultancy (DMC), conceived by tourism icon, carling dinkler III. custom has been setting the standard for the New Orleans dMC industry for 30 years. Mr. Dinkler's Partner, Morgan Molthrop, is the Author of two books on New Orleans culture. he lectures widely on the city's diverse "creole" heritage, the battle of New orleans and lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina.

Above: Old Man River, he just keeps rolling along. New Orleans' special location on the Mississippi River has been the source of its wealth and misery for almost 300 years. But you cannot know New Orleans without understanding the unique relationship the city has to water. 

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