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saluting satchmo

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong was born to a prostitute, nurtured by Jews and sent to a Boy's Home after being arrested for shooting a gun on July 4th. A mentor at the Home noticed musical talent: The rest is history. 


The popularity of SWAMP PEOPLE has created a generation of visitors who want to "Choot" some gators, presumably with cameras, so that they can post images to Facebook. See them while you can. We are losing the equivalent of a football field of coastal Louisiana every 45 minutes.


"I showed Britt Griffith from GHOST HUNTERS the Yellow Fever Hospital," says Morgan Molthrop, "and we got this eerie photo."  Molthrop specializes in handling VIPs and hosting corporate events. "Over 3,000 people died in the Yellow Fever hospital in a four decade span." 


As New Orleans premiere DMC and most creative tour planner, we know the city's rich history: stories form the past inform the present. Noble, Bernard de Marigny, barely a teen, inherited the largest fortune in New Orleans. Ungovernable, he was sent to Versailles, where he learned to play craps. He returned to New Orleans, where he feted the future French king. They ate on gold plates and tossed them into the Mississippi River. 


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We have challenged the status-quo of the tour industry in New Orleans. Our guides don't gloss over important parts of New Orleans' diverse history; we understand the the "Old South" wasn't glorious for enslaved Africans. On the way to plantations, we talk frankly about 'the evil institution' and its impact on New Orleans.

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Custom conventions was the nation's first destination management consultancy. conceived by tourism icon, carling dinkler, it has become the standard for the industry. in 2013, custom acquired tailored tours and the communications talent of new orleans ANalyst, morgan molthrop. molthrop is a teacher, attorney, lecturer & historical expert who is 'reinterpreting' the city's past for a new generation. 

Above: Sallie Ann Glassman, a  local Vodou Priestess and community organizer, educates a new generation about the origins and beliefs of the monotheistic, West African religion predating Christianity.